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About R&J Logistical Division

Our dispatchers work very closely with our professional team of drivers to ensure that your order is processed and delivered within the service period. Every shipment is GPS tracked!  

R&J is currently structured in two Divisions. Our Elite pre-qualified Carrier Division and our Intermediary Division which mediates between in-network licensed professional Agents and approved Independent Carries. Together both Divisions are networked with many like companies allowing R&J access to an estimated 23000 in-service carriers strategically placed throughout the US, 24/7.

Both Divisions are federally licensed by the U.S. Department of Transportation and regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Operating 24/7 through a comprehensive North American 48 state coverage, R&J specializes in moving expedited LTL (less than truckload) dedicated freight that has been reclassified to Expedited Critical Shipment or ECS for short. 

We are the “Ambulance Service” of the freight industry. Meaning we are called upon for emergency freight delivery!  

Expediting time sensitive freight____ that’s what we do.



  R&J Transport         Logistics Division

We can expedite just about anything from fabricated metals, palletized items, construction products, oilfield supplies and equipments, manufactured products, tires, home and office items, paper documents

and boxes, industrial supplies etc…

R&J is listed in CompuNet’s Gold Book. An index of the country’s most creditworthy transportation companies. Companies cannot pay to be listed in the Gold Book. The list is compiled daily from a proprietary database of the company’s superior practices. R&J earns this Gold Book status with complying qualifications.


    Handling complex transit  issues as needs evolve.

We are ECS Experts with a personal approach,

and we intend to remain in this leadership position.

ECS “When you need it there fast with door to door service”. R&J has built a long-standing industry-leading tradition of same-day, next-day delivery service. With high on-time reliability our goal is to offer a customized solution to assist you, the customer, in transporting your time critical shipments with excellence and accountability.