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LTL stands for Less-Than-Truckload, which means the shipment does not completely fill an entire truck. In volume, an LTL shipment is considered an LTL if it occupies less than 12 feet of trailer space.

One of the industry's best kept secrets is that LTL is typically characterized as Tag or Parcel freight and is moved from one truck to another, or in some cases, from a truck to another mode of transportation often mixed with multiple containers together with other LTL shipments. If not properly micromanaged can get lost in the shuffle, set aside and considered not critical, or not priority. Most LTL’s are commonly used to fill an empty dimensional space within a trailer if that space is found at that given time. AKA “Tag Freight” (used to surplus the truck rate). 


Expedited LTL freight is reclassified as premium, extreme, progressive, critical, on-time shipments with custom tailored dedicated clock times and dates to adhere to. Simply put, expedited critical shipments are carried by the Ambulance Services for the freight industry. Broken down – expediting simply means, urgency, gotta go, immediately, right now, hurry hurry, yesterday!  Expedited Critical Shipment.

Most of these shipments usually move on Sprinters and Cargo Vans with the driver and freight sharing the same quarters. This environment greatly accelerates and enhances the freights security. Not to include now it’s freely temperature controlled with a much smoother ride.    

Expedited critical shipments are GPS/satellite tracked throughout the loaded trip with location updates sent to the customer every 2-3 hours from the customer’s location to consignee. Driven direct from A to B. 

The difference between LTL Freight verses Expedited Critical Shipment (ECS).

TAG/LTL freight is usually not properly secured, susceptible to damage, and can be frequently found bouncing around a half empty trailer. Since most LTL carriers often mix multiple shipments together for transport, it’s paramount that packaging is supremely adequate for transit as tag along freight. 

Point to be made, the LTL freight class is less cost effective with downdrafts of staying in transit an additional 5 to 9 days, or in several cases, weeks before final delivery with the ongoing concerns to freight damages and or thefts. Where freight reclassified to Expedited Critical may cost a little more, the rewards are phenomenal. With heightened security, and acknowledgments to immediate pin point location updates with custom tailored dedicated pick-up and delivery times, there’s just simply no comparison. The expedited critical shipment classification is the way to go.